Smart and Green Membrane-Free W aterproofing Solution for Below-Grade Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Primostar's integral i.e., White Tank waterproofing solution, with WPM® waterproofing elements and  crystalline waterproofing admixture.

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to control and waterproof shrinkage cracks! 

WPM® Crack Inducer Profile

For controlling and waterproofing shrinkage cracks

WPM® Construction Joint Waterstop

To waterproof construction joints

WPM Crystalline admixture healing - Primostar OÜ

Crystalline admixture

“self-healing” ability for cracks up to 0.4 mm.


helps you

Save environment 

You will use 2-8x less waterproofing materials which reduces the ecological footprint

Save installation time

You can install material quicker = have fewer labor costs, do more jobs, and help more customers.

Save money

You will save money on labour and material costs.


by m² of materials used

Materials calculated on a 20m x 10m floor slab and a 2.8m high wall concrete structure waterproofing.

Integral i.e. White Tank Waterproofing

Materials used:
- Crystalline admixture
- WPM® metal sheet waterstops
- WPM® Crack Inducer Profile

NET weight: 1.05kg/m²

Membrane Waterproofing

Materials used:
- WFP Pre-Tec
- WPM® metal sheet waterstops
- Primer
- Köster KSK

NET weight: 2.1kg/m²

Black Tank Waterproofing

Materials used:
- 2 layers of 3mm SBS material (floor slab)
- WPM® metal sheet waterstops

- Primer
- 2 layers of 3mm SBS material (wall)

NET weight: 9.8kg/m²

Construction companies and general contractors are saving environment and money!

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used in the "white tank" waterproofing solution

WPM® Crack Inducer Profile

In 2009 we started to use crystalline admixture in hopes that it will solve our problems with shrinkage cracks due to the fact that it can grow together up to 0.4mm cracks. When engineers calculate 0.2 to 0.3mm cracks to 1m of reinforced concrete structure in the construction design it seemed like a perfect fit at the time.

When we understood that some cracks open more than 0.4 mm and crystalline admixture could not grow them together we designed a solution to control the shrinkage of reinforced concrete structures so that the cracks produced by the shrinkage are immediately waterproof at the desired location. We added a keyway shape to the profile to make the joint connection stronger so that it can be used in load-bearing structures.

In addition, as the crystalline admixture can not grow together dynamic cracks that open and close, the WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile allows that movement to happen, while keeping concrete structure waterproofed.

Construction Joint Metal-Sheet Waterstops

WPM® SEALING ELEMENT profiles are designed to waterproof construction joints. Compared to alternative solutions, the metal sheet is more reliable and long-lasting. We have added mineral coating to make concrete and metal sheet connection stronger and more reliable.

Works with up to 2.4 bar of water pressure. 

Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture

The crystalline waterproofing admixture gives the concrete a “self-healing” ability. Together with the water entering the crack, the admixture can close static cracks in the concrete with an opening width of less than 0.4 mm.

When the concrete structure is under constant dynamic load, i.e., moving constantly, the admixture has no time to fill shrinkage cracks. In that case, we need a solution that enables the concrete to move and waterproof shrinkage cracks without causing any additional leaking dynamic cracks. For that, we made a WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile.

Crystalline waterproofing  admixture is packaged into a soluble bag which makes the mixing process easier and with zero waste!

3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator

To make our customer's life easier, we made a 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator, which calculates the quantity of all WPM® construction joint and shrinkage cracks controlling profiles. Just add height, length, and width. The calculator is interactive and can be viewed 360 degrees from any angle.

In addition, we are working on a next-generation calculator so we can add the whole concrete structure plan with the pipe and cable penetrations.


in the integral i.e., "white tank" waterproofing system


WPM® CRACK INDUCER PROFILE-s are added to the concrete structure to control cracks that appear due to concrete shrinkage.

Using our 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator's plan, the instalment of the profile is easier than ever, because it shows exactly where to install the profile by a cm.

Construction joint profiles

Construction joint profiles are added just before casting process to prevent water infiltration from the construction joints.

Using our 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator's plan, the instalment of the profile is easier than ever.

Crystalline admixture to concrete mix

Crystalline admixture is mixed to the concrete in the concrete factory. We use crystalline admixture in souluble bags so it can be inserted to the mix conveniently and with no waste.

Concrete pouring

Concrete that is mixed with crystalline admixture is being pored after all the construction joint profiles and crack inducing profiles are installed.

Concrete structure is waterproof after casting proccess!

With 3 component "white tank" method, the concrete structure is waterproof after the casting process. No need for extra membrane to the outer layer of the structure! If there will be any cracks crystalline admixture in the concrete will grow it together (cracks up to 0.4mm)

If there should be a static crack opening up to a 0.4mm and will not grow together, we will inject the static crack and close the leak in our own expense.


we use to waterproof all extra necessary components

Pipe Penetrations

Kraso pipe penetrations and sealing elements, makes it easy to penetrate pipes and cables through concrete walls without water infiltration

BeSealed - 
Plugs and Rings

BeSealed hydrophilic plugs and rings allow us to waterproof concrete cracks around formwork spacers and formwork spacers themselves

WFP Injection System

Using as a backup addition to joint profiles, allows to inject injection resign to close all openings in construction joint to stop water infiltration, if it were to happen.

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Shrinkage cracks are guaranteed to occur when casting 10+meter walls without WPM® Crack Inducer profile!

With our experience from 2009, we have seen countless times the same problem!
Shrinkage cracks appear mostly after every 4-5m on a 2.8m height wall.


When using WPM® Crack Inducer profile with calculated distance we can control and waterproof shrinkage cracks!

As we saw that shrinkage cracks appear mostly after every 4-5m we decided to try different crack inducers on the market. Soon came out some of their deficits and we decided to make our own Crack Inducer without the deficits.

In the picture, we can see how on a 20m wall we are using three WPM® Crack Inducer profiles with a 5m distance to control and guide shrinkage cracks while waterproofing them at the same time.

Result of the WPM® Crack Inducer profile - controlled and waterproofed shrinkage cracks.

Here is a price comparison using the classical e.i. "black tank" waterproofing method vs integral e.i. "white tank" waterproofing method on the same underground structure:

Prices march 2022 - Estonia

Waterproofing with the bituminous membrane (black tank method)Waterproofing with crystalline admixture and WPM profiles (white tank method)
Foundation3200m2 x 35€ = 112 000€1000m3 x 3kg = 3000kg x 6.90€ = 20 700€
Walls1700m2 x 22€ = 37 400€425m3 x 3kg = 1275kg x 6.90€ = 8 797.5€
Intermediate ceiling (-1)3200m2 x 20€ = 64 000€1000m3 x 3kg = 3000kg x 6.90€ = 20 700€
Intermediate ceiling (0)3200m2 x 20€ = 64 000€1000m3 x 3kg = 3000kg x 6.90€ = 20 700€
WPM CRACK INDUCER profile-660m x 51.50€ = 33 990€
WPM SEALING ELEMENT500m x 10€  = 5000€500m x 10€  = 5000€
Carcass1000m x 10€ = 10 000€1000m x 10€ = 10 000€
SUM292 400€119 887.5€

Save on metal

As steel has risen in price, we can also use the WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile to use smaller diameter rebars in constructions that do not need over-dimensioning to control shrinkage cracks.

Do you want optimal waterproofing solution for your project?

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that has used a "white tank" waterproofing solution

Kiikri 6, Tallinn,

Materials used:

  • Crystalline admixture - 
  • WPM® SEALING ELEMENTS 80R and 125R - 625 m
  • WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile - 160 m

Marijas iela 2A, Riga, Latvia 

Materials used:

  • Crystalline admixture - 
    7416 m³
  • WPM® SEALING ELEMENTS 80R and 125R - 1260 m
  • WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile - 320 m

Tērbatas iela 72, Riga, Latvia

Materials used:

  • Crystalline admixture - 1230 
  • WPM® SEALING ELEMENTS 80R and 125R - 720 m
  • WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile - 145 m

Tērbatas iela 72, Riga, Latvia

What are YIT Latvia's thoughts about the "White Tank" solution in general?

"We like that materials were easy to handle and install. The best part is that there was no pasting and plastering of anything, pure and quick work! The turnover time was faster than we were used to before which was just a bonus for us! "


Does YIT Latvija plan to continue using "White Tank" waterproofing solution in cooperation with Primostar SIA?

"When we can we definitely will! The solution is quick and easy and the Crack Inducers are genial for controlling shrinkage cracks!"

Ingars Grimza • Project Manager | SIA YIT Latvija



with our "white tank" waterproofing solution?

Reliable partner

Primostar was started in 2000 and has grown yearly turnover on average every year 26%
from 24 000€ to 1.4M € in 2021.
We have gone through economical crash of 2007-2008 and all other ressesions between and are stronger than ever!

Quality products

Primostar has been providing German quality materials since day one. We are working with industry-leading experts!
Now producing our own Estonian made product we are on par with the German quality if not even better!

20+ years of experience

By working closely with our partners we are seeing first hand what is working and what is not. With that, we have gathered knowledge of what is working and what is not, making us qualified to offer consultation with our experts for our products.

Indrek Uusalu

Our majority shareholder and CEO

Indrek is an entrepreneur, leader, product developer, and next-generation waterproofing solutions, enthusiast.

He joined the company in 2002 as a commission-based salesman and became the CEO the next year in 2003.
As a CEO he is responsible for growing the company's average turnover from 24 000€ to 1.4M€ in 2021.

Founded a manufacturing company WPMEstonia OÜ in 2018 with 16 years of knowledge in the industry and created a needed, patent-pending product, to help builders waterproof their concrete structures better and smarter!


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