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Watertight Concrete Structures

Crystalline admixture for watertight concrete. Waterstops for construction and deformation joints.

Flat Roofs 

Roofing materials for flat roofs. Ecological and long-lasting TPO roll material, including the necessary accessories. Flexible varnishes for roof covering.

Floor Protection

Epoxy floor and protective coverings. Polyurethane surface coatings for floors with different chemical loads. Profiles for joint protection.

Civil Engineering

Waterproofing of tanks and reservoirs in different environmental conditions. Water barrier and joint solutions for bridges and roads.

Foundation Waterproofing

Water barrier membranes and waterproofing varnishes for both negative and positive water pressure. Materials for basement renovation.

Swimming Pools and Wet Rooms 

Waterproofing solutions for structures with high and low water loads.
Waterproofing tapes and joint tapes.


Materials for indoor and outdoor tiling work. Including primers, leveling compounds, tile adhesives, and grouts.

Concrete Injection and Repair

Admixtures are used to repair, protect, and stop water leaks in concrete structures. Injection hoses and a wide range of injection resins.

Materials with consultation and installation instructions

The suitable waterproofing materials and installation instructions for each field of construction.​

20+ years of experience with high-quality German waterproofing materials!  

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