Why use a WPM STOP-END profile instead of formwork in joints?

What is the WPM STOP-END profile?

The WPM STOP-END profile is designed to form a waterproof construction joint in a floor, wall, or ceiling. It becomes a hidden formwork that is not needed and cannot be removed after concrete casting.

The WPM STOP-END profile consists of a galvanized metal sheet covered on one side with a special elastic mineral coating that ensures the water-tightness of the concrete joint. The minerally coated metal sheet is perpendicular to the center with a trapezoidal sheet mesh, which gives the profile a trapezoid shape, helping to maintain the load-bearing and strength properties of the structure. The width of the metal sheet with a mineral waterproofing barrier is 150 mm. The width of the sheet mesh perpendicular to the center of the sheet depends on the thickness of the structure.

What is the purpose of the profile?

The purpose of the profile is to simplify reinforced concrete structures’ waterproofing process and speed up the concrete casting process.

The most time-consuming casting processes are formwork installation, removal, and waterproofing. The WPM STOP-END profile does these activities for you at the same time – it acts as a formwork when creating the joint and also waterproofs the formed joints.

How can the WPM STOP-END profile be used instead of formwork in a concrete structure?

The profile is installed in the middle of the structure between the reinforcement bars and is used as a floor, wall, or ceiling formwork to form a waterproof joint. In the production of casting, a sheet mesh perpendicular to the center of the steel sheet does not allow the concrete to flow through the mesh but, at the same time, enables it to penetrate sufficiently to create a rough adhesive surface to bond the new slab casting.

How is the WPM STOP-END profile useful?

The WPM STOP-END profile saves resources: both time and material, plus it is easy and convenient to use!

For the conclusion

The WPM STOP-END profile has two purposes:

  • waterproof construction joints
  • act as a hidden formwork that does not need to be removed after concrete casting

WPM STOP-END profile is manufactured by WPMEstonia OÜ

If you want to know if and how we can use the WPM STOP-END profile to speed up and make the process of concrete casting and waterproofing construction joints in your project more affordable, then contact us, and we will review the project together!

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