Christmas wished and summary of 2021
December 2021

Another year has come to an end. However, before we wrap up this year, we would like to thank all our partners and customers, and the employees of the Primostar group for another excellent year! 2021 was an incredible year for us.
By the way, we received Gaselli’s recognition, which shows that we are among the top 1% of companies in Estonia that create the most new jobs, carry essential characteristics of a rapidly developing company (flexibility, speed, courage), and grow significantly in terms of both turnover and profit. This recognition is reassuring that we are doing the right thing for our customers and the market!

But before we get to Christmas wishes, let’s take a brief look at 2021…

There is always a talk of new goals and milestones for the new year. We set a goal to reach a turnover of € 1 million. Currently, the group’s turnover is 1.4 million euros. So the staff has done an excellent job and compared to last year, the increase is +80%!

More attention was paid to our websites and their functionality to receive information faster and more conveniently this year. We had also set high expectations for selling our own brand WPM products. To our surprise, the sales success was higher than expected!

Looking at our sales numbers, our solutions reached to more than 250 projects all over the Baltics this year. The most popular product of the year was the WPM profile solution with crystalline admixture.

We are currently actively selling our solutions in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, but we are actively looking for opportunities to expand into new markets.

The last year was hectic and stormy looking back. Nevertheless, a lot was done, and the increase in turnover was a pleasant surprise.

What will 2022 bring?
We plan to be at least as good as last year and a little more! New developed solutions for our customers are coming soon to make working with us more convenient and easier.

But now we’re all out for a well-deserved Christmas holiday!
We wish everyone a Merry Christmas from the Primostar group family and a happy new year!

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