3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator

We completed a new 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator solution in Primostar, which calculates the quantitative cost of various WPM construction joint profiles more conveniently and clearly.

Why did the need arise?

Previously, the instructor marked the positions of construction joint profiles to the project, which might not be the best solution for concrete casting queues. Now 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator does it for us automatically, showing:

  • Crack Inducer Profile exact location in the construction
  • construction joints precise locations in the structure and the profiles used in them
  • quantitative cost calculation for all profiles

What problem does this solve?

The automatic solution helps prevent installation errors and immediately calculates the profile step length according to the design. In this way, we can avoid preventable mistakes with a 3D visual drawing and save a significant amount of resources.


What does the new process of the user experience look like?

The whole process would be as follows:​

  1. we take the dimensions of the cast structure from the drawing: height, length, width
  2. we add them to the 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator
  3. the program renders a visual illustration of the entered dimensions, showing the installation locations of all working joint profiles 
  4. the rendering can be moved interactively 360°, so that the nature of the profile and design can be viewed in more detail
  5. if everything is visually correct, the drawing can be printed out or converted to PDF
  6. the moment a drawing is printed or converted to PDF, the program calculates the quantitative cost of the entire material and legends it on PDF or printable paper
  7. when the quantitative costs of the materials are done, it is much easier to make the necessary monetary cost calculations and send us an order if everything looks fine

If you want to try our 3D Automatic Crack Inducer Calculator yourself, you can do it here:


As we are planning to improve the program in the future, we are grateful for the feedback from your user experience. You can send it to us at reimo@primostar.eu

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