Primostar is sponsoring a figure skater – Nataly Langerbaur

Primostar has supported Estonian athletes for many years, trying to be an example for other companies. We believe supporting young athletes is essential to help them fulfill their dreams and reach the top of their field!

Primostar’s 2022 sponsored athlete is figure skater Nataly Langerbaur.

Nataly is a 17-year-old girl from Tallinn who wants to represent Estonia at the Olympic Games. When she introduced us to her dreams and goals, we saw from the athlete’s eyes that she is a highly motivated young athlete who will do everything to make them happen. So we decided to join her on this journey and support her.

At the 2022 Estonian Figure Skating Championships, she achieved a strong 3rd place, showing her potential and proving that she has the substance to strive for the top!

We wish her only success in the future, and we keep our fingers crossed!

Indrek Uusalu – 20 years in Primostar