Primostar is helping to build a waterproof bomb shelter structure in Ukraine's kindergarten.

Thanks to the Estonian Center for International Development Cooperation (ESTDEV), we can make a small contribution to rebuilding Ukraine. We are helping to restore a kindergarten in the Zõtomõr region. The kindergarten will accommodate about 80 children; it includes four group rooms, a hall, a kitchen, washrooms, and a bomb shelter.

According to a new regulation, every kindergarten and school in Ukraine must have a bomb shelter. This is why Estonia is building a bomb shelter near the kindergarten in the city of Ovruch.

Primostar supports the Ukrainian reconstruction project with waterproofing materials for underground concrete structures of the bomb shelter. Primostar provides WPM® waterproofing profiles to do bomb shelter integral waterproofing. WPM® profiles allow building shelter quickly regardless of weather conditions. One person is needed to install WPM® waterproofing profiles, which brings excellent savings on labor and the quantity of materials used. In addition to the profiles, we will use crystalline admixture in concrete, sealing elements, and pipe penetration sleeves for pipe penetrations. To waterproof formwork spacers, we use sealing plugs and UFOs.

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