Roll Waterproofing Membranes

Roll waterproofing membranes and membranes, in general, have been the classic waterproofing material for below-grade concrete structures for a long time. Waterproofing membranes are also called classical waterproofing and "black tank" because, figuratively, the roll waterproofing membrane creates a black bowl around the outer surface of the concrete (due to bitumen-based materials), which protects the concrete structure from water and moisture.

Today, there is a lot of pressure to produce environmentally friendly materials, which is why manufacturers have started to produce more green waterproofing materials. For that, our product range includes Köster KSK SY 15, a self-adhesive cold adhesive membrane made of rubber and bitumen, which contains several times less bitumen and requires only one 1.5mm layer to achieve water, radon gas, and water vapor tightness. Secondly, we use the pre-installed roll waterproofing membrane WFP Pre-Tec 2, which we use for the casting of structures with one-sided formwork and for floor slab waterproofing. The membrane adheres to the fresh concrete, making the structure completely waterproof.

WFP Pre-Tec 2 (20 m)
530,22 € 530,22 € 530.22 EUR
Pre-installed waterproofing membrane
WFP Pre-Tec S-Tape
0,00 € 0.0 EUR
Waterproofing tape
WFP Pre-Tec Tape
176,31 € 176,31 € 176.31 EUR
Self-adhesive waterproofing tape
WFP Pre-Tec DS-Tape
51,33 € 51,33 € 51.33 EUR
Both sides self adhesive waterproofing tape