What is WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile?

The WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile is one part of a three-part integral waterproofing solution i.e. “white tank” method. The profile is designed to work with other WPM® construction joint profiles and crystalline admixture.

The purpose of the profile is to simplify the waterproofing of reinforced concrete structures and speed up the concrete casting process. While concrete structures are usually poured in stages to minimize the shrinkage of the concrete during drying, using the WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile, we can control where the shrinkage cracks appear and waterproof it at the same time.

By its nature, the WPM® CRACK INDUCER profile creates a keyway-shaped crack in the concrete structure when it adheres tightly to the concrete. Perpendicular to it is a perforated steel sheet with a mineral coating that makes the resulting shrinkage crack waterproof and thus prevents water from penetrating the building. The purpose of the pin-shaped crack is to maintain the strength of the structure so we can use the profile in load-bearing structures.  

WPM Spacer for reinforcing steel (piece)
1,87 € 0,00 € 1.87 EUR
Square steel spacer
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Crack Inducer to control shrinkage cracks.
1,10 € 0,00 € 1.1 EUR